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Why Athletes Need Massage

In some way or another, all of my clients are athletes, and all athletes need massage. Whether you’re training for your next 10k race or you’ve just started a Zumba class to lose weight, you are an athlete. If you

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Silly Reasons Why People Don’t Get Massage (and One Legitimate Reason)

Having been a Massage Therapist for several years, I know first-hand the benefits massage can have. However, I’m always amazed by the reasons people give as to why they don’t get massage (whether it’s “ever” or “often”). Here are some

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Changing Locations!

Hi, everyone! I’m so excited to announce the big changes here at World Tree Therapies. I hope 2016 is turning out to be a great year for you. It’s my greatest hope that the coming years are full of BIG, positive

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I LOVE Prenatal Massage

Seriously, is there anything more adorable than a pregnant woman? Don’t get me wrong, though. As a massage therapist, I know better than most what kinds of challenges those lovely ladies face.  Beyond the glowy face, the weird cravings, and the

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Spring Sale: DOUBLED!

You spoke, I listened! I’m excited to offer you all my Spring Sale, starting March 29! When I polled you all on Facebook, the top 2 things you wanted to see go on sale were: GIFT CERTIFICATES and HOT STONES!

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Valentine’s Couple’s Massage Workshop 2015

What can I say about this year’s Couple’s Massage Workshop? Three Words: SO. MUCH. FUN. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve had a better time as a Massage Therapist! The weather may not have been the greatest, but we all had

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New Aromassage: Resolve

I don’t know about the rest of you, but 2015 has already begun to issue challenges to me. I was sick, the entire first week of January. The sudden cold snap we had froze the pipes in our (the honey

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Massage Myths: Massage is a Luxury (that I can’t afford!)

Ok, guys. I have a terrible confession to make. Prepare to have your minds blown. … I didn’t have my first professional massage until I started massage school. I know, right? I bet you’re all like: But I, like many

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Massage Myths: If it doesn’t hurt, it’s not working

Alright, kids. I really haven’t been in this business a terribly long time, but even I have seen too many massage myths running rampant. Probably the biggest, and most detrimental, myth running around is the idea that: “If it doesn’t hurt,

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Muscle Pain vs Nerve Pain

PAIN It’s a part of the human condition. Let’s face it, if you’re alive, you’ve felt pain at one point or another. Worse, yet, is when you go to see someone for your pain, and you have to pay for

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