Hot Stone Massage ROCKS

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Don’t forget that for the Month of September, Hot Stone Massage is only $10 extra.**

The finest Basalt stones, smoothed by water and time,  are warmed and incorporated into a full-body massage. The stones’ high iron content allows them to retain heat, which is then used to release tension stored in the muscles. At the end of the massage, the stones are placed on specific points of the back to relieve tension. Warm towels are then placed over the stones to keep the heat in a little longer. With the added benefit of Aromatherapy at no extra charge, this is a relaxing and luxurious treatment that can’t be beaten!

Call (740) 541-3985 or click here to schedule your appointment, today!

**Hot Stones are added to the cost of the Base Time for massage. Not available for half-hour treatments. If booking online, please add “Hot Stones” to Notes.

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