Massage Myths: Massage is a Luxury (that I can’t afford!)

Ok, guys. I have a terrible confession to make. Prepare to have your minds blown.

I didn’t have my first professional massage until I started massage school.

I know, right? I bet you’re all like:

what jackie chan

But I, like many of you out there, used to believe that massage was just a luxury. It was something that women with extra money did, like getting their hair/nails done (yeah, I had NO idea that men got massage, too). I believed that massage was just cosmetic–that it didn’t really do anything but make us feel prettier.

Boy, was I WRONG. 

Massage is a Luxury (Myth)


Like most massage myths, this one had to start SOMEWHERE, and that happens to be caught up in economics and marketing. In the early 1990’s, the Spa Industry boomed. The baby boomers were just beginning to hit middle age, which had them seeking age-defying remedies harder than Ponce de Leon! It was in 1991 that the International Spa Association (ISPA) was founded. Through brilliant marketing, they started using things like Massage Therapy, hydrotherapy, wraps and skin treatments, and all sorts of other things in an attempt to turn back the years on their clients’ faces. Add a marketing snowball, later, and you have a multi-billion dollar industry that capitalizes on feeling good and beautiful.

Truth: Massage is A Necessity!

That’s right. Massage is more than just feel-good juju. Thanks to advancements in medicine and research, not only can I say that massage is good for you. I can prove it! According to the Touch Research Institute (TRI), massage therapy is effective for treating Depression, managing Pain in Fibromyalgia patients, increasing immune function in patients with HIV, as well as treating MS, Headaches, and eating disorders. The list continues, as TRI has done over 100 different studies on the effects of massage.

And while anecdotal evidence is far from scientific, my own clients have seen improvement in pain levels, range of motion, function (both physical and mental), and mood! If you want to read more, head to my homepage and read the testimonials at the bottom!

But Massage is So Expensive (Myth)


This is one of my least favorite massage myths. The average massage in the United States costs $69 for one hour. * That’s one hour of assessment, hands-on treatment, and post-treatment planning from a good Massage Therapist. That’s about what it costs for a tank of gas and an oil change for your car (if we’re playing it thrifty, that is).

Without Insurance, the median price for a general visit to the doctor’s office is around $190. Now, many of you will argue that with insurance, that price is significantly lowered. And sadly, massage therapy is rarely covered by insurance, so the price for an hour of massage comes out of pocket.

The biggest difference between massage and a general doctor’s visit, though, is that massage therapy plays a huge role in Preventative Care. If we go back to our car analogy, we pay to change our oil ever 3,000 miles (if we’re really good). Our vehicle insurance doesn’t cover our oil changes, yet we know that if we don’t get them, we can seriously damage our engines.

Massage Therapy acts the same way. Regular massage therapy is known to keep our bodies loose and physically healthy in order to prevent injury to our muscles. (Average recovery time for muscle injury: 2 months!)

Massage is AFFORDABLE!!

Let’s round it up and say massage costs $70 for a monthly visit. To save $70 for that month, you would have to set back $17.50 each week. That’s it! Less than $20 week. It’s easy when you think how much we pay for actual indulgences, like coffee, movie tickets, or fast food!

Not Convinced Yet?

Ok, let’s take it up a notch. The second highest claim for Worker’s Comp is BACK INJURIES like: muscle spasms, disc problems, and (worst case) permanent disability! Most of these are caused by over-use and fatigue. On average, Americans spent over $50 BILLION each year on back pain.

Yet, for less than $70/month, you can prevent most over-use and repetitive strain injuries. At that price, you CAN’T AFFORD to NOT get massage! 

But it Gets Better

On top of all that, World Tree Therapies makes it even EASIER for you to save money by offering incentives. My current deals include:

VIP Packages (20% off a package of 10)

Rewards Program (points for referrals and scheduling online)

and Military and Emergency Service Provider Discount (10% off services and products).

It’s easy to see why massage therapy is not just a smart option, but an affordable one for body care.

Find out what you’ve been missing and make Massage Therapy a priority in your life. Call (740) 541-3985 to find out what World Tree Therapies can do to improve your life through Massage.

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