Rolling Out The New Massage Referral Program

Welcome back, everyone!

I wanted to give you all a bit more incentive for the massage referral program. Starting in September, I’ll be keeping track of all the new people that come into my office and how they found me. When your name is given by 3 people, you’ll receive an awesome little card in the mail, thanking you for your referrals and giving you a FREE MASSAGE! This card is redeemable within 1 month. And guess what? When you buy gift certificates for people that have never been to see me, they count towards your referrals!


Before you go running off to try and collect as many free massages as possible, let me give you a few hints.

First, don’t just tell everybody you can about me. You may be asking, “But Katey, the more people I tell about you, the more new clients you’ll get!” That, however, isn’t always the case. Have you ever had someone you’ve never met try to sell something to you? It doesn’t matter how enthusiastic they are about the item, if it’s not something you’re looking for, they just come off as being pushy. The same thing happens with your referrals! Pay attention and make sure that the person you’re talking to can actually BENEFIT from massage. They’re more likely to be open to the suggestion if they open the conversation with, “Man, my [fill in the blank] has been really sore, lately.”

Second, make sure you know the person you’re referring to me. If you’ve just met “So-and-so Smith” and start telling them about me, they may actually come to visit (especially if you paid attention to the advice above). However, they may not remember your name. If they can’t tell me your name when you refer them, you don’t get credit for the referral!

Lastly, if you have followed the previous two hints, buy them a Gift Certificate. It’s a thoughtful gift that shows you pay attention to their needs, and they’re likely to remember the name of the person that bought them such a wonderful gift! (You’re also more likely to receive a Gift Certificate the next time your birthday rolls around. Win-win!)

So talk to the people you think could benefit from massage. Ask them if they’ve seen me, then hand them a gift certificate. You’ll soon reap the rewards of a fantastic, free massage!

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